The Yarn Scientist

A nerdy scientist's adventure in yarn-y things.

About This Blog

I started this blog to organize and chronicle my finished crochet projects and maybe post a pattern or two, but it has since expanded to encompass my relatively new skills in knitting.

I also warn that most of my yarn projects are nerdy or at least have nerd-like qualities, so if you are deathly allergic to geeky people and their hobbies, stay away. Otherwise, I will from time to time post some of my non-nerdy crochet projects as well.

I appreciate any comments, criticism and questions on my work. If I do not post a pattern, most likely I do not have the intention of posting the pattern so please do not ask. Of the patterns I do post, feel free to share and modify at your own will.

And, finally, I welcome any and all ideas and suggestions. I only have a finite amount of creativity and I always enjoy hearing what others have come up with.


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