Although I didn’t knit all my Christmas presents this year (and although it’s May when I’m writing this), I thought I would post the one gift I did make for Lexsarch’s sister:


The pattern is Madman in a Blue Box by Cheeky Monkey Designs and is available on Ravelry. It’s a lovely fair isle cowl with the above TARDIS design on one side, and a traditional fair isle pattern on the other:


I didn’t realize until about halfway through the cowl that I’d mixed up the background color and the foreground color, but honestly I like it much better this way. I think I’ve gotten more compliments while knitting this cowl in public than on any other projects. It was rather addictive to knit! I do love a good colorwork pattern.

Bonus pic! Here’s a Christmas tree I crocheted two Christmases ago and found the image on my computer:


Constructed by crocheting around a string of LED lights in a cone shape, the tree stands up by itself (although it starts sagging eventually). The star on top was folded by Lexsarch who likes doing origami sometimes.