Wow I am behind on blog posts. Although the last post was apparently 8 months ago, that’s definitely not when my last knitting project was.

So I guess, here’s what I’ve been working on between the DNA Sweater and the Next Big Thing that I’m currently slogging through.

First off, a commission from Tesla Coil who loved the double knit Avatar the Last Airbender potholders I made for their Christmas present last year. Apparently although they turned out way too large to use as potholders, they were perfect as small face washing cloths and Tesla used all 4 of them every day. Problem was, because there were only 4 of them, Tesla Coil had to wash them frequently and so they asked me to make more.

I needed a project and I was all over this idea. Tesla basically gave me free reign to make them any theme, and more importantly, any number of them. I checked. There was no maximum number of face cloths specified.

So of course I pulled out a project I had in my back pocket for a while: double knit all 12 Homestuck aspects.

There were even charts available online, designed and generously provided by DeviantArt user Aretemc.


I made all of these out of 100% cotton yarn; while there were many colors available, color matching all of them to look like the aspects was such a pain. I ended up ordering so much yarn online because I’d get the yarn and it wouldn’t be the color I wanted it to be. I think I did all right though. ‘Time’ was probably the hardest one to match because I had to get two shades of red that were actually distinguishable. I do love how colorful they all look.

I didn’t tell Tesla how many face cloths I was knitting them. I simply just packaged all 12 and told Tesla to film their reaction as they opened the package. Obviously I’m not going to post that here, but it was pretty much like you’d imagine (lots of ‘British Spy, you are so ridiculous’)