When I started to knit more and learn more advanced techniques, I was convinced I would never learn cabling. Cables are all right and give many knit projects their quintessential look, but they never really appealed to me enough for me to sit down and learn how to make them.

That is, until I ran into The Double Helix Scarf somewhere online and I just HAD to incorporate the cabling into a future project.

I didn’t particularly want a cabled scarf, but one instance in which I do appreciate cabling is in sweaters. And I’ve been meaning to try my hand at a sweater for the first time. Great time to learn sweaters and cabling at the same time, right?

I searched on Ravelry for a long time to find a cabled sweater-dress/tunic that I liked where I could incorporate the helix chart. I settled on the Roam Tunic by Amy Christoffers and published in Interweave. Details on how I swapped out the middle cabling section are on my Ravelry page, but for my blog post now, here are some pictures of the final product!

I love how it looks with some black leggings and boots.

I am rather amazed this fits given I did very minimal swatching before casting on (I like to live dangerously). The yarn is Bernat Softee Chunky in Grey Heather. The acrylic and the thickness make it super warm–which I thought would be perfect for the rather chilly city I’m living in–until the weather decided to be 80 degrees right as I finished it. It needs to be steam blocked, but I’m procrastinating that. For now I’m going to enjoy the fact I managed to finish an entire sweater that fits and is appropriately subtle and nerdy at the same time.