After officially finishing and sending out Christmas presents, I fell into a bit of a crafting lull. This tends to happen after large projects when I suddenly don’t know what to do with my life anymore. (Back when I performed on violin regularly, I used to call it the post-concert depression). It was the type of creative block that I couldn’t seem to shake for a while. I had so many ideas queued up and I hated all of them. But I had to overcome it somehow, so rather reluctantly, I cast on two projects, one of them this TARDIS beret, and did some instant-gratification sewing for a while until my creativity came back.

This beret started out as a concept and an experiment, born out of a wonderful chart I came across on Ravelry of a TARDIS placed in the midst of a lace pattern. I liked the idea of a lace shawl with subtle TARDISes lining the bottom, but I had a different plan. I’d been wanting a lace beret/slouchy hat for a while, and I figured I could take the chart, knit it in the round instead and make a slouchy hat out of it.


Have I mentioned yet that this is my first lace project ever?

Perhaps an experiment with someone else’s chart wasn’t totally the right way to go about learning lace knitting. But in suffering through figuring out this lace hat (much frogging and tinking and yelling in frustration) I can’t argue with the MANY things I learned along the way. I ended up having to make some modifications to the sides of the chart so that it would be amenable to in the round. I had to make up some lace pattern to add to the bottom so it would curl around to make the bottom of the beret. I had to learn how to knit a hat top down, to insert a lifeline, to make 2×2 rib, to bind off ribbing and to wet block wool.

Closeup of the lace with one of the TARDISes upside down

At the end of it, I wasn’t completely happy with the result, but I’m pretty proud of what I accomplished.


It’s going to be a long time before I attempt another lace beret though.