I actually finished my Christmas presents in March, not…April…so it’s the blog post that’s late, not the presents. Last post I talked about the two scarves I made for my friends. For my other two close friends Tesla Coil and K, I made potholders!

For Tesla Coil, who introduced me to Avatar the Last Airbender, the four nations hotpads:

I charted the symbols out myself, but with size 7 needles and Sugar’n’Cream cotton yarn, they turned out REALLY large. So Tesla is using them as hand towels instead, and knitter beware, if you decide to use my charts.

For K, who likes Harry Potter, I made some HP-themed potholders:

These may look familiar to some people–that’s because I used the Harry Potter charts from Lattes and Llamas Geek-A-Long 2014. They also made comparably large potholders, so I told K he could use them for whatever.

Yay for being done with Christmas presents, finally! More personal nerdy yarniness to follow.