Yes, I’m posting about Christmas presents in February. Don’t judge me. That’s what happens when you decide to knit your Christmas presents this year. Sorry, not just knit…double knit. Since I discovered how to double knit and especially figuring out non mirrored double knitting, I’ve really fallen in love with the colorwork and the possibilities. So I made some fandom-geeky double knit presents for my four closest friends from college and I’ve only finished half of them.

So here are the two I’ve finished so far! For my friend L, who introduced me to Portal, a Portal themed scarf:

The pattern is by Starbeamer on Ravelry, and comes in 4 charts. The third chart was the text “The Cake is a Lie.” which would’ve turned out backwards if I had mirror-double knitted it like the symbols. So instead, I replaced the back of just the text with my own chart that had the Aperture logo. That chart is available on my Ravelry project page.

For Russian Spy, who loves Lord of the Rings, I planned to make the popular One Ring Scarf I’ve seen floating around Reddit. Again, because it’s text, mirror-DK would’ve made it backwards on one side, so I inverted the colors of the chart in photoshop and knit the back of it going the other way to preserve the text direction. The colors I chose for our alma mater:

One ring purpleOne ring black

More double knitting fun to follow as I finish up Christmas gifts!