I’d been searching for a craft to express the most recent video game franchise I have gotten into, the Persona series! I’d actually started with the fighting game Persona 4 Arena a few years ago, but it was harder to get into when I didn’t know who any of the characters were. But now that I’ve played Persona 4, Persona 3 am halfway through Persona Q, AND watched the Persona 4 anime, I may want to revisit that.

Anyways, one of the characters from P4 is named Teddie. He’s a bear-looking thing that makes lots of lame bear puns:

He also waddles and makes a really annoying ‘poik’ sound when he walks.

Here is my crocheted Teddie from P4:


He was a gift for a colleague in the neighboring lab who is leaving soon for a new job and is also one of the few Persona fans I have met in real life.

I thought his shape would be relatively easy to figure out, but it was harder than it seemed. Trying to get the shape to be accurate as well as match the size of the zipper I bought required lots of trying and frogging and retrying and sighing. Attaching the zipper was probably the hardest part, but once it was in, it was a simple matter to stuff, zip up and glue all his features on with felt. Since his size and shape are restricted to the size of the zipper, I unfortunately have no pattern for him, but I’m pretty proud of how he turned out!

I didn't take many pics of him before I gave him away so here's a different angle.
I didn’t take many pics of him before I gave him away so here’s a different angle. He turned out a bit too tall and skinny in my opinion, but oh well.