A few months ago I moved into a new apartment! No more campus housing for me! Which means that we got brand new furniture for our living room that I get to cover with awesome nerdy crafts.

Given my background in math and science, I’d been interested in mathematics and fiber arts for a long time. In fact, I’ve been interested ever since I read this book. I still want to make a crochet Lorenz Manifold at some point. But in the meantime I figured I’d start with something simpler: the Sierpinski triangle.


I love this pattern. Besides being just straight-up beautiful, it’s also based on the principles of cellular automaton. You can read more on cellular automata here, but in a nutshell, cellular automata is a set of cells that have binary states (say on or off). In each iteration of the states, the state of one cell changes based on the states of the cells around it. When programmed, they can create cool little gifs like the glider gun example on the wikipedia page.

So what does this have to do with crochet?

In the pattern for the Sierpinski triangle, each row represents one iteration. There are two types of crochet stitches used in each iteration: a double crochet stitch, or a ch1 space. Whether you make a space or a double crochet depends on the “state” of the next stitch you’re going to crochet into. If the next stitch is surrounded on its two sides by the SAME stitch (two spaces, or two double crochet), then the inserted stitch should be a double crochet. If the next stitch is surrounded on its two sides by DIFFERENT stitches (one space, one double crochet), then the next stitch should be a ch1 space.

This of course, isn’t a new idea. My inspiration came from this site which, as well as having the pattern for the “Basic Filet” version that I use in my blanket, also has a few other versions that look really interesting.

I made six Sierpinski triangles and sewed them together. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft and took about 4.5 6 oz skeins per color.

20150207_000704So much seaming. I hate seaming.

I fail at draping things “naturally” over the couch.

Even though my blog is supposed to be about yarn crafts, I did just buy a sewing machine and I’m super proud of my first sewing projects: a couple throw pillows!