Christmas that year was going to be epic. Tesla had just picked up cross stitch again and I had become addicted to buying yarn and making stuff out of it. We came up with a plan to have a holiday party at our place with a few of our friends.

Tesla had the brilliant idea to sew stockings for ourselves and our friends, cross stitch a personally designed name tag onto it and I planned to crochet a small figure to go with it. Although all our stockings have been given out, here is mine:

Yes, that’s my name written out in notes. Except there’s no R note, so Tesla made it into the “clef.” Funny story about the last note, “A.” Tesla had originally cross stitched a high “C” so my name read out Rebeccc. And on a whim, she added a repeat sign.

 The music note amigurumi was adapted from here:

For Tesla’s stocking, I crocheted another Shadow heartless, but more Christmasy.

 When I took this picture, I noticed the poor guy was missing an arm. I should remedy that.

For Russian Spy’s stocking, I made a amigurumi rubber duck, adapted from this pattern: I should explain: Russian Spy has a very cute collection of small themed rubber ducks. I thought I would add to that with a yarn duck.

The bill turned out too big for the duck. I’m not quite sure why. My best guess is I used the wrong size hook.

And the yarn duck with all her other ducks: